Monthly Archives: January 2014

Nissan GT-R Alpha 16 1600hp


Alpha Performance are at the very forefront of the Nissan GT-R tuning market at the moment, there can be no doubt about that. They offer such a wide variety of different performance packages and upgrade components. The Nissan GT-R Alpha 16 package is the very best they offer, short of bespoke solutions.

Lupo Racing tuner Harley-Davidson Bel Air


Lupo Racing’s ’57 Bel Air custom Harley won the Most Beautiful Motorcycle award at the recent Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA, and the photos after the jump will tell you why.

Cohen & Cunild Lamborghini Aventador


The crew at Cohen & Cunild recently finished working created the following distinct Lamborghini Aventador wrap you see above and below. Inspired by the wrap featured on Kris Singh’s Aventador, this in-your-face design is very eye-catching!

Rolls-Royce 1001 Nights Collection


Since the Middle East is one of Rolls-Royce’smost important sales markets, the company’s Bespoke division is preparing the launch of the 1001 Nights Collection, dedicated to this region. Inspired by the tales in The Arabian Nights, the first two stages of the collection saw unique coachlines, eye-catching motifs and veneer inlays with arabesque symbols.

TopCar tuner interior Porsche Panamera


TopCar are Russian tuning specialists who make their own carbon fiber body kits and custom interiors. Their clientele comes from among the richest people in the country, folks who are more than will to pay as much for unique parts as for the whole car.